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Oh, hello 2016. You're finally here, which officially kicks off resolution season all around the world. And for some of us, that means working on our fitness – also known as, promising to hit up the gym every single day and swearing off tacos for a good, long while. Sigh.

But just when we were starting to make plans for our tacos al pastor's memorial, a benevolent power bestowed this upon us: The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life.

Excuse us . . . but, WHAT?!

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Yes, it appears that some "vegan taco scientists" from Austin are ready to "reveal their one-of-a-kind cleansing journey that anybody can follow and stick to." Naturally, we were a bit skeptical about the whole thing. But in the name of good health (and tortillas), we had to know more.

Basically, the cleanse asks that you submit yourself to 30 days (there's also a one day, three day, and week-long plan) of eating tacos for every single meal. Corn or flour tortilla – it doesn't matter. Because here's the catch: it must be vegan. So your fillings will likely consist of refried beans, tofu scrambles, soy curls, and (wait for it . . . ) vegan chicharrones. 

The diet doesn't promise weight-loss, rather, it focuses on general mood improvement. Which is a no-brainer, because, hello – it's tacos! But because its vegan-focused, it definitely excludes a lot of  the crazier taco options out there. Here are seven specimens that didn't make The Taco Cleanse cut.


Bacon taco

Dear sweet mother of tacos, the things we'd do to this pork-wrapped beast . . . 


Rice Krispies treat taco

If this is wrong, we don't ever want to be right. EVER.


Chocolate chip cookie taco

A taco shell made from chocolate chip cookie dough? Is there a Noble prize for this level of genius? 


French fry taco

Fries got a bit tired of just being a side piece, so they got on the taco shell bandwagon. Good decision-making skills, 'taters.

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Spaghetti and meatball taco

Not having to use a bowl really maximizes our on-the-go time. It's the important things in life.


Fried chicken tacos

According to @chefrli, these are "buttermilk fried chicken tacos with smoked gouda guacamole fried collard greens and Tabasco mayo." And that's all there had to be said about that.


Taco cake pops

With margs, naturally.