Say what you want about the whole donut-licking incident that took the world by storm this year, but Ariana Grande has been en fuego lately. Her latest act of heroism involved quickly handling a couple of sexist radio hosts and left us seriously impressed. 

The singer made an appearance at Power 106 last week, promoting her latest single, "Focus," when she was suddenly hit with a ton of stupid questions. The first:  "If you could use makeup or your phone one last time, what would you pick?"

Yes, they really asked that question and Grande's response was brilliant. "Is that what you think girls have trouble choosing between?" she asked while giving them the side-eye. "Is this men assuming that that's what girls would have to choose between?"

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It gets better. Grande goes on to explain how contrary to what the hosts believe, not all women are addicted to their phones, explaining how she could go hours without being plugged to hers. "When I'm at a dinner table, I like to be present —with eye contact — and talking." One of the host interrupts her to say, "Listen and learn, ladies!"

"Boys learn," Ariana snaps back. Apparently the hosts think that being stuck on your cellphone all day is something that just girls do. They clearly weren't getting the hint that Grande wasn't amused by their dumb humor either because then they then went on this whole sexist unicorn emoji rant.

When finally asked what one problem she would fix in the world, Grande's response was golden: "I have a long list of things I'd like to change. Judgement, intolerance, meanness, double standards, misogyny, racism, sexism ... We've got work to do." Then she gestured towards one of the sexist hosts and said, "We'll start with you, though." #TruthBomb

Unfortunately, Grande is far from the only female celebrity who has been dealt these kinds of stupid, sexist questions. It happens all the time. People seem to think it's cute to ask women about their bodies, their sex lives, and even their lingerie!

We rounded up a few other female celebrities who have shut down sexist interviewers with perfect comebacks. Because no one should have to tolerate this kind of B.S.

Cara Delevingne's awkward Paper Towns interview

While promoting Paper Towns, Delevingne found herself in a painfully awkward interview with local news show, Good Day Sacramento. Some of the questions were just cringe-worthy, like if she actually read the John Green novel the film is based on. "No, I never read the book or the script actually. I just kind of winged it." Sarcastic to say the least, but the perfect response to such an idiotic question.

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Amy Schumer's rude Trainwreck interview

Schumer shut down Australia's KISS 101.1's, Matt Tilley after calling her Trainwreck character skanky.  She immediately told him, "That's a rude question," and then followed it up with the zinger that he must have been thinking about his mother — ouch!

Anne Hathaway asked about her catwoman suit fitness routine

While promoting The Dark Knight Rises, Hathaway was asked a ton of questions about the form-fitting, cat suit that clearly made her uncomfortable. Her response was awesome though: "Are you trying to lose weight?" she asked the interviewer. "What's the deal man? You look great! Seriously, we have to talk about this. Are you trying to fit into a cat suit?"

Scarlett Johansson asked if she wore panties

We wanted to cringe at this interview Scarlett Johansson sat through while promoting The Avengers. When the reporter asked her if she wore underwear underneath her Black Widow suit she replied, "You're like the fifth person that's asked me that today. What is going on? Since when did people start asking each other in interviews about their underwear? I'll leave it up to your imagination."

Taylor Swift shuts down sexist remarks

Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O' Dell asks the camera operator to pan down to get a look at Swift's legs and then goes on to say that the singer would be walking home with more than just a trophy but also "lots of men." Swift's response was priceless. "I'm not going to walk home with any men tonight. I'm going to hang out with my friends, and then go home to the cats."