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Emma Watson has become synonymous with feminism due to the conversations she has pushed forward. As a U.N. Women Goodwill ambassador and HeforShe campaign advocate, the 25-year-old is more than just an actress from Harry Potter. Even her public discussion on the sexism she has faced in the film industry has come from a unapologetic and fearless place, in an effort to educate people about what's really happening with women. Her progressive nature has received praise, but also backlash as some have called her to be a "mainstream feminist" — in large part, due to her privileged position.

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During a hosted #AskEmma Twitter conversation, she took on a question that some might have steered clear from. The question was simply, and powerfully, "Are you a white feminist?" No, this is not a "hater," but someone who really wants to get straight to the point of a heavy topic. As the white feminism dialogue continues to flourish, Watson — and other notable public figures — have been placed in that narrative. White feminism ignores that women of color have added layers of systematic oppression, far more different than that of white women. 

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Watson responded honestly, recognizing her position and aware of the necessity of intersectionality. "This is a universal and global movement," she said.