November 2 marks an important day for Latina women. It's Latina Equal Pay Day, the one day of the year where we're all called upon to recognize the harsh reality of the gender pay gap. 

The issue has seen no improvements over the last few years, but Eva Longoria is determined to make a change for the better.

The actress penned an essay for Fortune. In it, she lets every Latina know they are "worth the whole dollar."

eva longoria
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Longoria explains in the piece that the gap exists for all women, making just 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. When it comes to race and ethnicity, however, Longoria notes, the disparity is even worse.

Though every race has its own wage gap, that of Latinas is the lowest of all. Latinas make 54 cents for every dollar their white male co-workers make. 

"That's like ripping a dollar bill in half – or like working an entire week, but only getting paid through Wednesday afternoon," Longoria writes.

The harsh statistics are even worse when you think of it in terms of years.  "At this rate, to earn what white men earn by age 60, Latina women would have to work until they’re 90," she explains.

Longoria refuses to sit back and watch as the system takes advantage of her and her culture.

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"I come from a long, proud line of smart, hard-working Mexican-American women, and this injustice strikes deep," she writes. "So I ask myself: How can we start to address the widespread and enduring gender wage gap problem?"

First and foremost, it starts with our entire social system as a whole.

eva longoria
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The 42-year-old actress explains the wage gap can largely be explained with "pervasive discrimination." 

"I work in a male-dominated industry and have often been that sole female voice in the room," she adds. Longoria is now calling upon women to seek jobs in executive positions, where the decision-making process will be in their hands.

Other than these changes, it's about "proactively supporting working women."

"CEOs, executives, influencers and entrepreneurs: I’m talking to you. Take an honest look at the gender compensation parity in your company, and if there’s a gap, fix it," Longoria says. "Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s proven that it makes business sense."

Twitter has some similar feelings on #LatinaEqualPayDay:

"Let’s demand more for Latinas. Because we’re worth the whole dollar."