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At this point in your life, your Facebook notifications feature friends getting engaged, buying houses, and expecting their first babies — and it can be super overwhelming.

But when your bestie is one of them? That is a total attitude changer. 

Though you may not be on the road to having a kid of your own, that shouldn't stop you from being an incredible BFF and giving her the baby shower of the century! It's a time to celebrate life, so if you're up for the challenge, here are seven things to think about when putting the pieces together. Trust us, the mom-to-be will fall in LOVE with your flawless execution.


Come up with a theme that doesn't revolve around the stereotypical blue and pink colors

Keeping the party gender neutral and focused on your friend's personal style will really help celebrate her journey to motherhood, and not just the little one she is expecting. 


Send invitations that people won't just throw away

Instead of sticking to the classic 4x6 white card with words all over it, think outside the box. Explore different shapes, textures, and colors so people don't just stuff the invite under a pile of mail. 

A fun way to spice it up could be by sending a balloon that the invitees have to pop for the party info (as pictured above), or sending the invitation announcement in a box with fake eggs that they have to crack in order to get the details.


Get goofy with the games

There's only so much time you can spend chit-chatting about the baby and staring at the mom, beautiful as she is. Opting for an unconventional game like putting a cloth diaper on a balloon and fastening it with safety pins while blindfolded will make the event memorable and exciting.


Make it personal, and get everyone in on the fun

From having guests paint designs on the nursery walls to decorating bibs, this is another group effort that is a breath of fresh air from signing an autograph book that is far more personalized.


Skip catering and get whimsical with your food and drinks

One word: SNACKS. Finger food is quick to prepare and easy for people to munch on as they move around the space. You can try out brownie bowl sundaes, apple nachos, or frozen blubbery yogurt bites. Pinterest has all the snacks recipes you could ever want to fit your needs and cravings.


Capture memories with a photo booth

You'll score mega bonus points if you can print the photos right there! This can also be a great alternative to traditional party favors.


But personalized favors never disappoint

Instead of a boring candy bag, go for something that your guests will actually be able to utilize — succulents and soaps are affordable and make a totally cute statement.

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