Ana Gabriela Guevara is a Mexican senator, Olympic medalist, and now, the victim of a heinous act of violence that left her hospitalized.

On December 11, she was violently beaten in the ribs, head, and face by four men.

She was riding her motorcycle when a car hit her. Although the crash left her uninjured, she tried to pursue the car and hold the drivers accountable for the damage to her bike. The incident ended with the four men in the car getting out and brutally assaulting her. 

Investigators are trying to identify the male attackers, and one of the suspects is a Mexico City police officer.

According to El Universal, the attorney general has requested surveillance footage that might have captured the incident. 

The day after the attack, Guevara posted two pictures of her wounded face, thanking those that had sent well wishes.

"I appreciate and thank everyone who has been worried about me and my health. I left the operating room well and am now going to recover from surgery," she wrote. 

"I'm grateful for every single one of you who has spoken up for my recovery."

The senator also released an official statement saying that, as the men hit her, they insulted her for being a woman and a motorcyclist.

In a press conference, she teared up as she spoke about the "cowardly" and "vile" attack. She made the public appearance because she wanted to give a face to the violence that too many women experience.

"This scar they left on my face will be a permanent reminder that I will always defend the fight against the violence towards women," she said.

Afterward, a stomach-churning hashtag started trending: #GolpearMujeresEsFelicidad (#BeatingWomenIsHappiness)

Translation: "Also they look beautiful battered <3"

Translation: "The truth is that we deserve it."

Translation: "If your boyfriend doesn't beat you he doesn't love you."

This sickening hashtag was trending in Mexico.

Translation: "Men feel great satisfaction in beating a woman so we can teach them who's in charge."

Translation: "You know you do it right when you send them to the hospital."

Rather than commenting, the senator created her own tag, #BastaDeViolencia (#EnoughViolence).

Translation: “My battle is for those who are silenced, who are afraid, the ones who are doubted and have no visibility #StopViolence #ForThoseWhoShutUp”

This is proof that the attitude surrounding physical violence towards women — no matter your position — is real, toxic, and needs to come to an end.