Bikini season can be either much anticipated or very dreaded. But why should we allow the words "bikini body" mess with our brains? Often the immediate thought that comes to mind in the summertime is: How do we get a bikini body? Well, have you ever thought about the fact that you already have a bikini body?

In this charming video by Bustle, five bloggers tell us how feminists get the perfect beach body. It involves things like, “Go to a barbecue and don’t feel guilty about it.” And, “Toss that tarp with the confidence that nothing is big enough to cover up the inequality that women have been subjected to for hundreds of years.” You know, good ol' feminist logic. 
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So, next time you’re freaking out over how you’re not beach-bod ready, consider taking the feminist route into getting the perfect body for summer. All you really have to do is put on a bikini. 

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