This year's Mother's Day isn't quite like the rest — Donald Trump is president. 

Throughout his campaign and presidency, Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric has left these communities feeling attacked and unwelcome in the "land of opportunity." Although nothing can erase what he's said and done, people are standing in solidarity with those who need it now more than ever. This positive action is exactly what Forward Together — a multi-racial organization — is doing with this year's Mamas Day project, and it's so powerful.

Forward Together is allowing people to send messages of love and support to Muslim and immigrant mothers with 12 e-cards created by artists and activists around the country.

The annual initiative was developed to show a portrayal of all mothers and families, not just the traditional idea of what they should be like. 

"Our goal with Mamas Day has always been to highlight mothers who are invisible in popular representations of motherhood, so we focus on lifting up single moms, queer families, incarcerated parents and immigrant mamas,” said Kalpana Krishnamurthy, policy director at Forward Together, in the Mamas Day press release.

To share a more accurate reflection of what real families look like, they commission artists to create cards that illustrate the many spectrums of motherhood. Many of their featured artists are queer or trans people of color whose work centers around social-justice themes.

"As an artist of color I feel a strong obligation to use illustration for uplifting the narratives that go unnoticed in mainstream media."

Breena Nuñez, an artist for this year's collaboration, explained how crucial it is to have intersectional representation talent to work on a project like this. "This project in particular is so beautiful because so many of these artists are bringing their personal and cultural understandings of what it means to honor our mothers. The art we are making is the lifeblood of our peoples, and we hold that historical responsibility to observe, reflect and speak the truth on how we need to show love for the women and mother figures in our lives," they said.

Thousands of moms are going to receive inspirational messages from people across the world.

According to Huffington Post, they will be mailing the cards to 28 partner organizations who will help distribute 15,000 cards at mosques and community centers.

Anyone can send one of these incredible cards to an immigrant or Muslim mom — it's pretty easy, and it's free.

All you have to do is select the image you'd like to use, write your message, and click "send" — and you can do it all on their website by clicking here

Don't worry, if you're at a loss for words, there's a dropdown menu with empowering pre-written messages like, "We see you. We love you. We support you. Happy Mamas Day," and "You are welcome here. Your family is welcome here. May you build a life and family that brings you peace and happiness." 

If you'd like to send one to your own mom, you can do it by clicking here

It might seem like a small act to do, but it does have a huge impact.

Aneelah Afzali, an executive director of Muslim Association of Puget Sound's American Muslim Empowerment Network told Huffington Post that another way to take action beyond sending a card would be to visit local mosques and become educated on Islam. Krishnamurthy also suggested contacting members of congress and calling the White House.

As the Mamas Day website states, "Mamas Day feels harder this year for Muslim and immigrant mamas. Bans, attacks, slurs, and walls seek to criminalize, demean, and divide immigrant and Muslim mamas from their families."

Doing something — anything — to help is better than doing nothing at all.