Jessica Mendoza
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Badass softball player Jessica Mendoza made it to not one, but two Olympic softball teams. Oh, and she medaled at both games and was a four-time All American player at Stanford University (which I hear is also a pretty good school for academics). So it seems like a no-brainer that ESPN chose her to be the first female baseball announcer, right? Unfortunately, last night's gig announcing a playoff game involving the most high profile team in the MLB also brought out a trove of haters. 

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“My mom got mad because some guy said, ‘you belong in the kitchen’ and that made me laugh,” she told Think Progress after announcing her very first game when MLB had to pull Curt Shilling for making some unsavory comments comparing Muslims and Nazis. 

Haters step back because Mendoza really knows her stuff — which was especially awesome last night because the Yankees were in the playoffs for a fleeting game. As a huge baseball fan myself, I have to admit, I feel like this took way too long. But hey, I'm glad it finally happened.

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But of course, that is just not enough for some men who simply can not get over the fact that a woman like Mendoza landed such a cool job that she was preeminently qualified for. It's a good thing that Mendoza can just laugh it off, confident in her knowledge that she not only knows more about the game than any of the trolls below, but she could also play them off the field any day.

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What a buffoon.

This guy is all for "women's opportunity" except...

Um, no.

If something has been the same for 100 years it must be right? Right?!

Wrong. It's called progress.

A game she's never played?

Oh, except at the OLYMPICS.

Women should know their place

And it's in the kitchen, not a baseball diamond. Okay...

Oh yeah?

The last thing I want to hear when I'm watching baseball is fools, but this still got Tweeted.