jimmy carter feminist
photo: Getty; Daniela Vesco, Vivala

As we all know, the world is not perfect, but it's comforting to know that some like former President Jimmy Carter are championing causes like discrimination, equality, and — one near and dear to our hearts — feminist causes to make it a better place. While he will have to lighten his workload as he undergoes treatment for his recently diagnosed brain cancer, the Novel Peace Prize winner has been advocating for women's rights — specifically violence and injustice against girls and women — for years. 

In fact, unlike most presidents, he called himself a feminist in an interview about his book Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power in 2014. 

"Yes, of course I consider myself a feminist. If a feminist is someone who believes that women should not be persecuted and women should have equal rights . . . then all men ought to be feminists."

Here, here! And, in that same interview he stressed how particularly passionate he was about speaking on young girls being sold out of bondage in Latin America — Nicaragua being No. 7 in the world. Looks like he stuck to his guns when he said to CNN in 2015 that he would make violence against women the "highest priority for the rest of my life." In addition, he's written 28 books and founded a nongovernmental center that allows him to travel the world and address public policy. As the leader begins his battle against cancer, we don't doubt the strength in character that he's shown to fight for women's rights will shine through.