Jennifer Lopez is officially calling B.S. on Hollywood. The Shades of Blue star, who recently participated in an actress roundtable for Hollywood Reporter, got candid about how it felt to be labeled a diva.

“I got a moniker of being ‘the diva,’ which I never felt I deserved — which I don't deserve,” she said, while chatting with other leading ladies, including Kerry Washington and Regina King, about sexism in Hollywood. “I've always been a hard worker, on time, doing what I'm supposed to do, and getting that label because you reach a certain amount of success . . . ”

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During the conversation, J. Lo recalled times throughout her career where she felt double standards were in play, even admitting that it’s caused her to second-guess her strong and opinionated character because she might be labeled as “difficult.” 

“I've always been fascinated by how much more well-behaved we have to be than men,” Lopez said, according to the publication. “Sometimes I felt crippled to voice my opinion, especially because certain directors and the boys' club that they form can make you feel like, ‘Oh, I can't say anything.’" She added, “Like, we're not allowed to have certain opinions or even be passionate about something. . . . Am I difficult because I care?"

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These days, the 46-year-old doesn’t seem to be letting stereotypes hold her back any further. Despite some controversy, her newest single, “Ain’t Your Mama” has been praised for unleashing a new wave of feminists. Wherever your opinion stands, however, one thing is for sure: J. Lo is clearly over being undervalued by men, whether that’s home or in her career – and we can’t be mad at her for that.