Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods is showing the world that a thigh abundance is just as sexy as a thigh gap — and that when it comes to our bodies, we shouldn't be obsessed with "trends."

She showed off her fab butt and thighs in all their natural glory. (click for video)

No retouching necessary.

photo: Swimsuits For All

But Jenner's bestie isn't the only model empowering women with Swimsuits For All.

Iskra Lawrence is also included and looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Lawrence is a regular in Aerie's unretouched lingerie ads.

And she doesn't suffer fools or rude commenters on social media. 

Miami beauty Denise Bidot continued to prove that "there is no wrong way to be a woman."

Of course supermodel Ashley Graham is involved.

photo: Swimsuits For All

She put Swimsuits For All on the map when her ad for the brand was featured in the historic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue that she covered. And she has an amazing swimwear line with them. 

The campaign promotes Swimsuits For All's #MySwimBody movement.

Anyone can join in and post photos with the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Every body rocks!