It never ceases to amaze us how in 2017 people can still have the audacity to body shame anyone, especially a pregnant woman. We clearly have a long way to go in terms of recognizing everyone's beauty throughout all stages of life, and a famous Latina TV personality just used the negativity she's experienced to help make the change we need.

This is Cyn Santana. The Dominican and Salvadorian former reality TV star gained popularity during her time on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: New York" series, which she was on for a couple of seasons.

She is currently expecting a baby boy with her partner, rapper Joe Budden, and she has been sharing adorable photos and videos with her Instagram followers throughout her pregnancy.

She hasn't been afraid to show silly moments like going H.A.M on a cupcake...

... but don't get it twisted, she is still letting everyone know that she can be both pregnant and glamorous AF.

But leave it to internet trolls to rudely point out how her nose has gotten larger. Instead of letting their ignorance slide, Santana dedicated an entire post that slammed them and uplifted followers with features that don't fit Eurocentric standards of beauty.

"I read a comment that said 'I cant wait for you to drop your baby. Your nose is way too big' and it made me really sad," Santana wrote. "Not because it hurt my feelings... (cause I don’t give a fuck what y’all talkin bout) but because others have to deal with reading these type of low comments."

"What about those who don’t have thick skin? Those that are easily affected by outside commentators? Just the thought of it alone makes me cringe and breaks my heart."

Santana acknowledged that at the end of the day cruel people will continue to exist. "So we need to protect ourselves and lift each other up," she continued.

"So this goes out to ALL my women. Pregnant or not. Big nose or small nose. Embrace it. Embrace you. You are beautiful. Please don’t pay attention to fake pages with 3 posts and 127 followers. It really isn’t about you. It’s about them."

"They’re facing daily struggles and this is how they cope. By coming on social media and tearing others down. Don’t take them too personal," she wrote.

This is how you flip the script! We hope Santana's words reach anyone who is feeling insecure about the way they look.

Haters are going to hate, but you can always choose to not let it affect you. Stay strong!