6 Latinas share what being a feminist means to them

Patricia Valoy

photo: Patricia Valoy


Age: 29

Occupation: Engineer and STEM Activist

“I feel like I'm such a latecomer to calling myself a Latina and a feminist, let alone a Latina feminist. Growing up I always considered myself a Dominican malcriada, and I was pretty content with that label, but I also felt like I was the only one ever thinking about sexism and racism, both in my community and in the dominant culture. Needless to say I wasn't very fun at parties.

"As I began to learn that my beliefs had a label, mainly feminism, I adopted it in an instant. And later on, in an effort to feel more connected to women just like myself I began calling myself a Latina.

"But that change in label was also really meaningful to me. Being a Latina feminist means that I can organize with people that share a struggle with me. And even when we don't share the same struggle, there is mutual understanding. As a Latina feminist, I work to remedy the issues in our community with the understanding that our struggles are intersectional and that just because we have one label it does not mean we are equally oppressed. That realization was eye opening to me, but it was not something I ever considered when my world was just my Dominican family and my Brooklyn neighborhood.”

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