6 Latinas share what being a feminist means to them

Nicole Castillo

photo: Nicole Castillo


Age: 32

Occupation: Hospital-based domestic violence advocate and National Advisor for Millennial Issues at BeVisible Latina, a social-networking and career-building site for Latinas.

"Being a Latina Feminist for me means being an innovator who is aware of intersectional change.

"From my own experience as a queer Latina, I understand that oppression is layered. We can’t address one issue without considering how another is impacted. We can’t fight for the rights of women while also dismissing racism, classicism, and transphobia."
"Everything is interconnected, and so any solution that is really liberatory must mirror that intersectionality.

"Many of the solutions that have been offered to us depend on working within systems that have been discriminatory, oppressive, and limiting for our communities. When I first started out as a young feminist, I wanted to infiltrate these systems to change them. I increasingly felt burnt out and hopeless with this approach, and so I have turned my attention to a different tactic. I’m now working to build new solutions outside of those systems that already exist and trying to innovate using the skills and strengths of our people. While systems change is very important, we still have untapped potential.

"The world of tech and entrepreneurship is one of the places where I see the greatest potential. Some may argue that tech is only for the rich and privileged, and while I agree that we must be cognizant of the lack of equity that still exists in tech, I believe we have a chance right now to claim that space for ourselves. Look at every major social movement that has emerged this year and you can see the power of tools like Twitter to mobilize communities quickly, cheaply, and effectively. What would happen if LGBTQ people of color ran the tech world?"

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