photo: Twitter

Most women have been sexually harassed on the street, at least once, as they were trying to go about their daily life, just as most women probably have had to try and explain to the men in their life how being catcalled on the street is actually not a compliment. Now one Twitter user — who goes by the name of CJ — is trying to expose the ugly sexism women face every with the hashtag #NoWomanEver. 

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CJ told BuzzFeed that she started the hashtag after being harassed by a man at a CVS, saying that she thought the snarky tone would "lighten things up a bit" for the women in her timeline who are tired of dealing with harassment. 

“The sad thing is that my mentions are still filled with people with men who don’t understand that women have a right and reason to be afraid of the way that they’re approached in public, and it might not be a good idea,” she said.  

Scroll below to see some of our faves. 


Women don't dress for you

Helpful tip: When a woman wants your opinion on her outfit, she'll ask you for it. 


This is NOT the way to get a date

I feel confident in saying that this has probably never succeeded in getting someone a date. 


Thanks for stalking me

Unfortunately, this woman's story is not uncommon. 


It's not just strangers

The hashtag also highlights that it's not just strangers women have to worry about. 


Don't comment on our weight

Again, when a woman wants your feedback on her outfit/body/any other part of her life, she'll ASK YOU FOR IT. Until then, keep your opinions to yourself. 


Street harassment is not a confidence booster

Nothing like stepping outside your front door only to be reminded that the world views your self-worth as inherently tied to your appearance. 


Not quite a "meet cute"

Screaming obscenities at someone as she passes you by on the street: not a compliment. 


That's not how things work

I know most men understand this, but for the ones who don't: The world doesn't revolve around who you think is attractive or not. 


This is scary

Funny commentary aside, street harassment is something women the world over deal with on a daily basis and it's not okay.