Getting your period is never a thrill. There’s the cramping, bloating, mood swings, expensive pads and tampons, and the actual bleeding itself. But at least now we have different ways to deal with it. And if you still think it’s hard in 2016 imagine the years before that! Say, the biblical times or 18th-century France.

In a new comedic web series, Period Piece, you’ll quickly learn women didn’t have it so easy. Each episode highlights how women dealt with their periods during different times in history, and let’s just say you’ll be grateful for what we have today.

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Watch some of the clips from the series below. Not only are they funny, but they're informative too!

Colonial America

According to the description, this is what "really" happened when the Colonizers met the Cherokee. 

Victorian England

Despite having to be on their most proper behavior, when it comes to cramping, there's simply no holding back.  

Biblical times

This was basically a period party. 

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18th century France

This was a time in which the smell of menstruation was considered seductive. 


Buddhists believe menstruation is all part of a woman's natural  being.


This is you and your boo during that time of the month.

Now aren't you happy you live in 2016?