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Is Piers Morgan still auditioning for a seat on Twitter's version of E!'s Fashion Police? Just wondering since he still has so much to say about women's fashion (*insert eye roll here*). The "journalist" found it appropriate to tell the Twitterverse on Wednesday what he thinks is appropriate attire for a feminist. Morgan was not a fan of Madonna's edgy Met Gala outfit nor Kim Kardashian West and Emily Ratajkowski's topless (but censored) selfie and blasted them for not meeting his feminist standards.

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His tweet read: "'Feminism', 2016. What a sad, pathetic joke. Can real women stand up & attack this nonsense please?" Since when is the way you dress a defining characteristic of a "real woman"? How is expressing yourself freely as a woman contradictory to being treated as equals? Furthermore, how is calling the women who follow you to attack other women the right move? Women tearing each other down is exactly the kind of behavior that is holding us back. But some people will do anything for attention.

Morgan was responding to Madonna's Instagram post where she said that the the outfit she wore to the Met Gala was both a political and fashion statement to fight the ageist and sexist notion that women can't "express her sexuality and be adventurous past a certain age." An age which Morgan did not hesitate to point out while being as gross as possible:

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That ageist and sexist comment is just what Madonna is talking about. Just because you may not like what she wore or how openly she expresses her sexuality doesn't make her any less of a feminist. Who, by the way, broke tremendous barriers for women in entertainment. Choosing to dress modestly doesn't make you more or less of a feminist either. It should have nothing to do with the basic human right of being treated as equals. If owning who you are makes people like Morgan uncomfortable, then so be it. 

It's so ironic that he thinks she is only doing this for money when even Stevie Wonder can see that that's exactly what he's doing. Morgan constantly stirs the pot by tearing down anyone for publicity. I mean seriously, people are building entire timelines documenting him being terrible. His thirst is so real that he had to add insult to injury with a horrific fake ad mocking Madonna:

If there's anything I don't want to see, it's you Morgan. Bye!