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The confidence they have in one another is next level.

Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz best friends
photo: Splash News
Cruz explained to The Guardian that she likes to cut people's hair, so much so that she even did it to Hayek. "When I was nine years old I used to spend a couple of hours a day washing and cutting hair at my parents' salon and still, today, I'll do everyone who lets me – like Salma Hayek, who is one of my best friends," she says. "I've done her hair when the power went out in her house, with just a candle. That one really trusts me,” she admitted.


They give new meaning to the phrase "ride-or-die."

The pair almost died in a plane crash as it had a malfunction while they were filming "Bandidas" and Cruz said, "A thought came across my mind that if I were to die at that moment at least I’d die with my best friend." 


They know that honesty is the best policy.

"We really respect each other, but if one asks a question to the other one, we know we're going to hear the truth. And I think that's why we are close friends and closer every day, because there's no B.S. in our relationship," Cruz explained to the Los Angeles Times.


They're so comfortable around each other that they had to shut down rumors that they were dating.

"We are like sisters and we have some sense of humor. We did that in front of 100 photographers. And the story now is that we are lovers,” Cruz explained to David Letterman on the "Late Show" about the photos he had of her grabbing Hayek's butt.


They're each other's number one fan.

When Hayek was asked about her Hollywood Heroines, she listed off plenty of names but focused on her bestie and said, "But then Penélope [Cruz] has always been my hero and my friend. We've known each other for at least 20 years.” 


The way they talk about each other is empowering.

"Penélope is a motherly creature, a warrior by nature," Hayek told Vogue.


They are able to see each other for what they truly are.

Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz best friends
photo: Splash News
Hayek said, "I enjoy her [Cruz]. She's quite a character. Other things that in other people would be neurotic or whatever, would be unbearable — on her they're very graceful."


To put it quit simply, they just 'get each other.'

Hayek didn't hold back on what she appreciates about her best friend and said, "The best thing about Penélope’s sense of humor is that it’s primarily about herself."


They're not afraid to show their glowing friendship to the world.

Most recently, Hayek posted a photo of the two to her Instagram and wrote, "Good #friends are forever. Los buenos #amigos son para siempre."