Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain are known for their talent as sports reporters, but in this powerful video the two get together to shine light on the harassment (and bullsh*t)  they receive simply for being female in the industry.

The two joined together to confront the harassment by sitting directly across from men, having them read mean comments sent to them from other men. What’s next is a series of hate tweets and lots of the c-word that will make you cringe. 

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At first they read things like, “Sarah Spain sounds like a nagging wife on TV,” but things quickly take a nasty turn when DiCaro, who has been open about her rape, listens to a tweet saying ”Why bring up your own rape in this story? Is it your way of firing back at critics who say you can’t get any?” At this point the men were getting uncomfortable and were struggling to read the comments— some were even apologizing. 

"I have to read all of them, right?" asks one of them. It’s incredible how at this day in time women are still having to put up with mean and sexist comments on a daily basis, and actually hearing hateful remarks just for doing their jobs. #MoreThanMean is just the tip of the iceberg.

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