A Seattle woman is speaking out after, she says, she was “slut-shamed” by JetBlue because of her outfit.

The passenger, a burlesque dancer who goes by the stage name Maggie McMuffin, said she was about to board a Seattle-bound flight on May 18 when a JetBlue employee told her that the black and white shorts she was wearing “may offend others families” and that she would have to change before she’d be allowed to board, ABC News reports.

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“I could tie a sweater around my waist,” McMuffin told KOMO News she said to the flight crew, “I could get a blanket from you guys.” But, according to McMuffin, JetBlue employees told her the only way she would be allowed to board the flight was if she changed her clothes. 

According to The Washington Post, McMuffin hurried into the airport terminal and purchased a pair of $22 pajama pants that would apply “proper coverage” by JetBlue’s standards, but she didn’t brush the whole situation off that easily. 

In the weeks that followed, McMuffin took to social media to talk about her experience, and share a photo of the outfit in question, which drew mixed reactions. While some people sided with the airline, even calling her things like “skanky” and “trashville,” McMuffin has gained plenty of supporters, as well, calling the airline sexist and rallying around her with the hashtag #BootyShortSupport. 

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According to KOMO News, JetBlue offered McMuffin an apology and a $162 flight credit, but McMuffin, who says she still feels disrespected, believes what the airline should do is offer sensitivity training to its employees, as well as be clearer about passenger expectations.

Do you think JetBlue should have asked this passenger to change?

  • 0% Yes. Her outfit was not appropriate for a plane full of people.
  • 0% No way. JetBlue totally overreacted and should be ashamed of themselves.