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Today’s society may be forward-thinking on many subjects, but unfortunately, when it comes to sex, we’ve still got a long way to go. According to a new study, a fifth of today’s young women are feeling the pressure when it comes to sex

A survey conducted by Our Watch Youth Campaign found one in five young women feel pressured to do more than what they’re comfortable with sexually. The same survey found that 25 percent of young people think it’s “normal” for a guy to pressure girls to engage in sexual behavior, while 60 percent think it’s a girl’s responsibility to make it “very clear” that she doesn’t want to have sex.

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Our Watch CEO Mary Barry believes the research is a clear sign that, even today, young people lack sufficient information about sex and respectful relationships. 

“The research tells us they are largely left to figure it out for themselves,” said Barry. “With their only guides often being dubious and problematic role models, pornography, and porn-inspired popular culture.”

Problematic, indeed. According to the survey, nearly 40 percent of young people say it’s difficult to respect a female when she is drunk, while 27 percent find it hard to respect a girl wearing revealing clothing. 

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We’re sorry, but the last time we checked, sex typically went down between two people. So instead of putting all the responsibility on women, why aren’t we putting more pressure on men to respect women and sexual consent?

We need to start having more conversations about what sexual consent is and start holding men just as responsible. No means no, regardless of what “vibes” you thought someone may have been giving you. And ladies, there’s no need to feel the pressure. You should never feel embarrassed for not wanting to have sex. It’s your body, therefore what you decide to do with it need not be explained to anyone.