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I am livid over an alleged body-shaming incident that ruined prom for a teenage girl from Tennessee. A Facebook user by the name of Tiffani Taylor posted a photo of Amy Steverson, who went to Maryville High School's senior prom in Maryville, Tennessee, and shared that Steverson was allegedly asked to cover up at her senior prom because administrators thought her dress was too revealing. Have the alleged school officials involved spent anytime scrolling through the prom hashtag on Instagram? Obviously they haven't because the necklines and sheer gowns in those results will have them recalibrating what "revealing" means. And even if we don't compare her to other prom-goers, anyone with some sense can see that there is nothing inappropriate about this dress:

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The dress fits perfectly and, as Taylor said, Steverson "looks like a princess!" We can't imagine the devastation that Steverson felt after probably spending so much time and money (the average amount spent on prom in the U.S. was $919 in 2015) into looking and feeling great for a special day like prom. 

But really, the problem was with her being a "big girl" with a large chest since she was told she would be allowed to go in if she wore the vice principle's jacket and a teacher allegedly told her that "us big girls gotta cover up." To be fair, her father told WATE 6 On Your Side that a wardrobe malfunction with lace that was added to the dress did cause her to end up showing more skin than was pictured in the Facebook post, but the alleged comment by the teacher is still unacceptable.

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"Us big girls gotta cover up"?! 

What kind of a message is that to give to a young teenage girl? Being curvy and having a larger chest is nothing to be ashamed of. Wearing a neckline that reveals a hint of cleavage is totally appropriate AND flattering for her figure. I bet that a girl with a slimmer figure in that same dress would not have gotten a second look from the staff. 

Unfortunately, no matter what the high school ends up doing in this case, they won't be able to erase this hurtful memory. These officials should be embarrassed and get some sensitivity training. At least Steverson has the support of the countless Facebook users leaving amazing comments of support.