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Annie Vazquez modeling for the Miami brand Hustle Sauce.

Whenever I scroll through social media or turn on the tube, my heart sinks when I see women unhappy with their bodies. Years ago, it was the big boob fad — I watched tons of friends go out and buy a pair while I stayed with my double AAs, hearing men tell me I’d be prettier if I got implants, too. (I never listened to those estupidos, thank God!). Fast-forward to 2016, and we now have the big booty and oversize lips phenomena, making many women resort to plastic surgery.
While I have an ample behind, it wasn’t always “on trend.” When I was growing up, in fact, I was ostracized as the “cursed” one for my naturally curvy body by a flaca and male classmates. I had what they coined the “Cuban Curse.” A term I would come to find out would forever change me. It would bring me much suffering during my adolescence, until my adult years when I realized it wasn’t a curse at all, but actually a blessing. 
It was seventh grade when it happened in gym class. The South Florida sun beat down onto our pre-teen bodies making us sweat in our tight navy shorts and uniform tees as we tread along a freshly cut field. We were in the midst of trying to play tag football when one of my female classmates who I’ll refer to as “JJ” hissed at me, “Girl, you got the Cuban curse.” “The what?” I asked curious and at the same time fearful of having a bruja word like “curse” attached to me.
J.J. ignored me and instead darted off like a fox to a group of boys, who were goofily fixed on the game until she interrupted them, giggling. Moments later a roar of pubescent laughter echoed throughout the field and suddenly I had ten eyes staring at me with smirks painted across their faces. I turned to see if someone was behind me and then stepped back to catch their scrawny fingers jabbing into the air towards me. 
“She’s flat-chested,” yelled one of the boys. 
 “I think she’s bowlegged” chimed another.
“She’s definitely disproportional,” said another. 
I felt my face burning as if I had swallowed a spicy pepper. I had big thighs, hips, and a butt with an incompatible small waist and top. I was deemed unattractive.
Today my body frame is seen by many as attractive. Thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Maybe in a few years it will be out of style again. Who knows? Either way, there is something quite liberating when you let go and love yourself for who you really are. 
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