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It’s no surprise that YouTubers are killing the game right now. What started off as a hobby for most has turned into full-time jobs! They’ve built huge social followings and are our modern-day celebrities.These self-starters have landed book deals, brand collaborations, and some have even created their own companies. While all of their work is impressive and should be recognized, we can’t help but feel that female YouTubers, especially women of color, don’t get as much hype as they deserve.

PewDiePie may have had a segment with Stephen Colbert and been featured an episode of South Park, but women are powerhouses too. Michelle Phan — one of the most popular beauty YouTubers with over 8 million subscribers — built a $500 million dollar business, Ipsy! If that isn’t the epitome of #GIRLBOSS, we’re not quite sure what is.

Here are some of our favorite WOC YouTubers that you should definitely have on your radar.

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We know there are plenty of influencers out there, so if you have a favorite please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to add them to our personal watch lists!