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I hope you’ve been taking your fish oil and working out on the regs, ladies. Because it looks like we’re going to need a serious Hail Mary when it comes to extending our life expectancy. 


Turns out we can look forward to pay that’s equal to our male counterparts in . . . ready for this? 2133. Two-thousand-one-hundred-and-freaking-thirty-three. Let me do the math on that one for you really quick: That’s 118 years from now. I don’t know about you guys, but I have serious issues waiting for commercial breaks during an episode of The Walking Dead, much less waiting 118 years for anything. Especially something as crucial as this. 

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The report comes from the World Economic Forum, and it’s chock-full of other cheery tidbits. Like the fact that there’s been “almost no progress on wage equality around the globe in the past seven years.” What's happening here, people?

And the situation is even more grim for Latinas. While women in the U.S. make 78 percent of what white men make, we only make 56.5 percent of that.

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I’m a woman. And I juggle family, friends, and a vibrant career. And maybe we all make it look too easy. But it's not – women are multitasking, organizational badasses. I know that I can outpace some of my male peers in sheer personal and professional output. Sometimes at double their rate. And I make it look damn good. That deserves recognition — starting with fair compensation.

And don’t get me wrong — I’m not hating our XY-chromosomal counterparts. I've got nothing but love for the fellas. But they're making exactly what they deserve. And I'm sure as hell not waiting 118 years to get my equal piece of the pie.